Sports Report 2016

Sports Report 2016

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In our institute we create benchmarks in excellence not only in studies but also in sports and games. For us in Sarvadeivatha believe in the concept of integrated development of the individual with magis our watchword. This report is a compilation of achievements and benchmarks we made in the field of sports and games in the year 2015-16.  Since several years the department of Physical Education has been coaching the students in various sports like hockey, football, shuttle, badminton, chess, table tennis, and athletics for boys and girls in primary as well as high school section. Our teams have participated in departmental sports. They also participated in Dasara Sports and other private tournaments.

          At zonal level sports our primary section boys were the winners in the Hockey, Throw ball, and had secured 2nd place in Kabaddi in the tournament held at Ponnampet. In addition to this our primary girls secured Ist place in volleyball, Throwball and Kabaddi  and secured IInd place in Shuttle badminton. Anusha P.K secured IInd place in Shotput, In 4 X 100 mts Relay Sania, Shiza, likitha and Anusha secured second place  got selected to Taluk Level Sports.  Taluk level sports were held at Ammathi, GMP School. Our primary Girls won  first place in Throw ball.  

      Taluk level Table Tennis tournament were held in our school. In that Our primary boys won Ist place and got selected to District level. Taluk level Chess tournament were held in our school. Ayush, Jeevan, Rishan and Neelamma, Prajna and got selected to District level. District level sports were at Napoklu and Madikeri in that our primary girls won Ist place in Throw ball and got selected to division level held at Hassan. Sania, Safreena, Nishika participated in Kabaddi and got selected for division level held at Udupi. In district level chess Neelamma won and selected for state level. Neelamma of VI std participated in state level and secured 11th place.

          In the high school section our school boys and girls, participated in Volleyball, Throwball, Handball, Hockey, Shuttle Badminton and Table Tennis. At Zonal level sports held at Balele and Devarapura our high school boys were winners in Volleyball,Table Tennis, and they won IInd place Throwball. In addition to this our high school girls were the winners in Volley ball, Table Tennis, Throwball. In shotput and discuss throw Sudarshan got Ist place and got selected to taluk level sports.

          Taluk Level sports were held at Ammathi, our high school boys won Ist place Table tennis and selected to district level. Our high school girls won Ist place in Volleyball, Throwball and Table Tennis, And Secured IInd place in Handball. In Chess our school boys Shabreesh, Shaman chinnappa, poovanna, Bhuvan and Thomas won and selected to District level, and in girls section Siri Bojamma, Aishwarya, and  Thaswini got selected to district level.

          At District level Volleyball tournament held at Napoklu and Madikeri our high school boys won Ist place in TableTennis and got selected for state level , Girls secured second place, Shreeshna and Thejaswini got selected for state level. In district level Chess Poovanna and shabreesh won and got selected to state level . In district level Karate Dikshith and vidyashree secured Ist place and were selected to state level. In state level karate Vidyashree of 10th std secured II place. On behalf of golden jubilee celebration of GHS Kakotuparambu organized Taluk level Inter school volleyball for girls. In that our school girls participated and secured Ist place.

                   These achievements were possible because of continuous training of the students by us. We look for more co-operation from the parents to achieve greater heights in sports in the coming academic year. I am thankful to all my fellow teacher, management and parents for their kind support.